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TroGo's very own Amish recipe.  We baked batch after batch in our test kitchens, refining the recipe, until we arrived at the best soft pretzel bun we have ever eaten.  The result is a pretzel bun that is soft, tender, and a little sweet and makes an ordinary sandwich taste extraordinary!  Our soft pretzels have been enjoyed by our food trailer customers for nearly a decade. Simple ingredients lead to an extraordinary, delicious experience.


  • No added preservatives or artificial colors.
  • Hand rolled by local bakers.
  • Our pretzel buns weigh about four ounces. While they are large, no two are ever the same.     


Your soft pretzel buns will be shipped to you unsalted, unbuttered and will include serving suggestions, recipes, and heating instructions. Pretzel salt is included and you can add to taste. 

  • Please freeze, if not consumed within 24 hours. Trust us, these pretzel buns are fantastic after being frozen, defrosted, and heated to perfection in your oven, toaster oven, or microwave!


When you support us, you support local families and small businesses. We are pleased to be able to give back to our local community 4-H and FFA students through various scholarships and add ons during county fairs and beyond.  We thank you for your generous support! 



Amish Recipe Large Pretzel Buns (12 Count)

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